hacking old RCA to work with Raspberry pi 2

a long time ago, I bought a RCA cable for Raspberry pi 2, but the problem is that the cable was not working, so I left it because my studies took all the time I have. after I got my degree I went back to my hacking life and I found the cable with a wound :(

I started with that :D it gave me motivation for fix it so I can just can display my Raspberry pi screen.
for that I used my multimeter to test and get notes about the type of my cable.

All types of RCA caple
I used multimeter A830L from Hontek and I used a tool to find a contact between the beginning of the cable and the end of it, I drew what I did.

It is like a toy hhhh :D
when the two poles of the multimeter are connected the multimeter make a sound
Note: If the two poles of the multimeter are connected, the multimeter makes a sound, so to get a connection with two places in an electronic board  or cable like what we did here, we use this technique.

I searched for the video and GND placement in the face 2, by connecting multimeter "com" in video and "V-mA" in the places 1,2,3,4 and after that I found the place of video in 2 and the GND in 1, and in Raspberry pi that is not good:
  where I start
where I start

In Raspberry pi we need Video in 1 and Ground(or GND) in 2, so I fixed it by changing the small wires.
face 2 of RCA normal of Raspberry pi
   How to test the type or placement of the video in face 2 to get information about the cable, if it can work with raspberry pi or not.

How I test the type of the cable 

this is how I get the defination of the small wire to know how to connect it with place 1 and 2.

I fond the cable is not what I need so I try change the configuration by search 

Now I cut the face 2 and face 1 and connect it between the right place with video, so in 6 wires I found who to connect with the place of video and place of Ground in face 2. after that I connect with face, look at the picture:

I tried it and it worked:

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