Test " send.firefox.com " : the new web experiment by mozilla

You need to send your large files fast and encrypted ? New tool experiment web by Mozilla made to send your files online, just by opening the website link and uploading the file, and sharing the link to share. The link is valid up to 24 hours Or after 1 download.
The tool can be used in any modern browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari ...) because it is based on a website (send.firefox.com).

I tested it, it is so good because for me it's simple to use. There is no need to make an accout and no ads are there to annoy you. However, after I read the " Your privacy", I found that Mozilla just receives an enrypted copy of the file and its basic information (name,size).

This video for my test experiment of this tool:

The website of the Tool: https://send.firefox.com/
The tool in Firefox test pilot: https://testpilot.firefox.com/experiments/send/

Test it :D  

#Firefox test pilot #Mozilla #Test #موزيلا #فيرفكس #تجارب

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