The power of Linux: convert CD/DVD to iso file by terminal

Linux is operation system, include in there is a tool call terminal,by it we can communication with the OS like a god :D we can do a lot of things like view the date, your ip, installing Apps ...

in other face there is a idea for Linux is " Everything in the Linux is file ", and with this power you can do a lot of things like convert CD or DVD to ISO file with one single line in terminal, You can save the data from arduino to file txt ...

For doing this You need a Linux distribution ( like ubuntu ).

1- put your CD or DVD in the Disk.
2- open the terminal and writing this line:

dd if=/dev/cdrom of=~/cdrom_image.iso

And this mean:
dd: Disk Dump
if: Input file
of: Output file

you find the file iso in home, the OS creat the file .iso with the name  "cdrom_image", if you change this "
of=~/cdrom_image.iso" to "of=~/ok.iso", you find the file with name "ok.iso".

Note: you look the " Everything in the Linux is file " so just we cope the cdrom to iso file because we see the cdrom like a file.

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