use Atom text editor like IDE for (C#, Flow,java, php, rust) and solution for speed compile and run C++/C code ]

Atom is a free and open source text and source code editor, I use it for writing my codes. for a long time I integrated terminal in it and compiled my code using ( g++ in c++ or gcc in C) by the terminal (because I use ubuntu linux ).

But it is a slow way because I need to write in the terminal the command : sudo g++ -o out code.cpp everytime I want to compile, in case my code is in C++. and to run it I write "./out".

What if I can compile and run the code without using commands?

Thats why humanity made the IDE ( integrated Development Environment). Atom also made " atom-ide-ui ". for now atom IDE does not support C++ or C, but supports (C#, Flow,java, php, rust). and to make Atom support C++ and C we need to do some extra work :D

Atom IDE

First download Atom form here.
Second, to get atom Ide install this Atom-ide-ui. look at the picture where I install it( go to install> write atom-ide-ui > and click  install ):

for more about Atom IDE:

but what about C++ and C, so you can use gcc-compiler, install it with the same method ( go install> writing gcc-compiler > click  install ), and you need other things for run:
1- if you use debian-based distros you need install:
sudo apt install gcc g++
2- if you use windows: install MinGW and add it to your PATH.
3- if you use mac: install XCode.

After that, write your code then press: F5, to compile and run your C++ or C code :D it is simple. everytime you write your code now just press F5 and Atom will compile and run your code.
look the video for see how is speed:

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