install Canon LBP printer Driver in Ubuntu Linux [ test with LBP6020 ]

This Tutorial is from the Ubuntu Russian community.
And work with: 
LBP-1210, LBP-1120, LBP-810, LBP2900, LBP3000, LBP3010, LBP3018, LBP3050,
LBP3100, LBP3108, LBP3150, LBP3200, LBP3210, LBP3250, LBP3300, LBP3310,
LBP3500, LBP5000, LBP5050, LBP5100, LBP5300, LBP6000, LBP6018, LBP6020,
LBP6020B, LBP6200, LBP6300, LBP6300n, LBP6310, LBP7010C, LBP7018C, LBP7200C,
LBP7210C, LBP9100C, LBP9200C  

First you need to download the script from the russian community.
then open the terminal and follow:
cd ~/Downloads
chmod +x
sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386
sudo apt-get update

This tutorial test in ubuntu 14.04.5 in 26/04/2018 at 5:58 pm.
pictures from the test:


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