Programming PIC18f by Arduino [Arduino like a PIC18f Microchip programmer ]

I had a project with the PIC in the university, and my project needed a lot of test, and in the faculty we had one programmer so for that I needed to search a way to programming the PIC without a programmer.


I found a project call " Arduino as PIC18F programmer (For Linux) " I test it with the version 3. But it won't work because the code in Arduino is not correct, an when I look to the new in version 3 of this project I see:

version 0.3
 - Support loading EEPROM, Id and comment sections from HEX file.
 - Programming is faster
   Arduino UNO serial USB operate at 2000000 baud instead of 9600 baud
 - Verification that Program, ID & EEPROM memory have been programmed correctly

And when we look to the new version 3, the new python script checks the code in the Arduino if is good. But in Hardware hacking we need the confidence to the other developer, for that I use the version 2 of this project because has not a part of verification the code in the Arduino and all it work, I tell you this because you can ask why I use the version 2 not the version 3.

this method support:


but I test it with 18F4550 and 18f2550, with Arduino UNO and Ubuntu 14.04.5 operation system. So you need Ubuntu ot other Linux distribution.

And to do it, download the file .zip from here and follow this:

1. Upload the sketch to the arduino
2. Connect the chip to the arduino like this:

if you have a dip 18

 if you have a dip 40

3. Run ./ -i HEX_FILE

picture from the test with PIc18f2550: 

I uploaded Blink LED to test if this method is correct, so this small video after the upload confirm the method is correct:

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