add icon/logo of the app to action bar in Android in Android Studio

1- First if you don't add icon/logo to you app yet the android studio add the default icon/logo and if you need to add a new one go to:


The when the window of the Asset Studio open, in the Icon Type check if the type is: Launcher Icons(Adaptive and Legacy) and add the path of the logo or the icon.

2- then, Go to the file control .java in Java folder, and add after the:


if the xml or layer named main, so add after it this lines:

You need to add in the part of " import " or in the top of the file this line (edit the line like the app maked):

import static com.xxxxx.xxxxxx.R.mipmap.ic_launcher;
3- then test it.

if any problem write a comment bellow.

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